STIHL Lawn Care Equipment

Bloss Equipment Co. is Tulsa's most trusted STIHL dealer.

When STIHL owners tell us about their equipment, we listen. And so do other customers. We provide complete service after the sale and our STIHL certified mechanics are here to service and repair your chainsaws, trimmers, blowers and more. Check out which STIHL products earned the most praise from owners like you.

String TrimmersRetail PriceBloss Price
FS 38129.99129.99
FS 40 C-E159.99159.99
FS 56 RC-E199.99CALL
FS 70 R259.99259.99
FS 90 R329.99CALL
FS 94 R349.99349.99
FS 100 RX349.99349.99
FS 110 R369.99CALL
FS 130 R399.99399.99
FS 240 R629.99629.99
BlowersRetail PriceBloss Price
BG 50139.99139.99
BG 86239.99239.99
BR 350339.99339.99
BR 430399.99399.99
BR 600 Magnum499.95499.95
BR 700 Magnum549.95549.95
SH 56 C-E199.99199.99
SH 86 C-E279.99279.99
EdgersRetail PriceBloss Price
FC 56 C-E229.99CALL
FC 70299.99CALL
FC 90349.99CALL
FC 111499.99499.99
ChainsawsRetail PriceBloss Price
MS 171199.99199.99
MS 180 C-BE259.99259.99
MS 193 T349.99349.99
MS 250359.99359.99
MS 271399.99399.99
MS 291499.99499.99
MS 362 C-M749.99749.99
MS 391599.99599.99
PrunersRetail PriceBloss Price
HT 101599.99599.99
HT 131649.99649.99
Hedge TrimmersRetail PriceBloss Price
HS 45299.99299.99
HS 82 T499.99499.99
HL 45 (0°)369.99369.99
HL 100 (135º)559.99559.99
Split BoomsRetail PriceBloss Price
KM 55 R w/Attachments379.99379.99
KM 110 R349.99CALL
SprayersRetail PriceBloss Price
SG 20129.99129.99
SG 71129.99129.99
SR 450699.99699.99
Cutoff SawsRetail PriceBloss Price
TS 420 STIHL Cutquik1149.991149.99