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Hedge Trimmers ECHO

Carefully trimming bushes, giving them a beautiful shape and well-groomed appearance, is quite a difficult task. Portable and convenient hedge trimmer ECHO, which quickly and independently trims tree-like vegetation without requiring physical strength – everyone’s dream!

Why Would You Choose Echo Gas Hedge Trimmer?

Gas trimmers have a powerful engine, making them ideal for more demanding tasks, such as cutting overgrown or mature hedges. They quickly cut thick and thin branches simultaneously, providing a neat cut. In addition, you can safely work in areas remote from home.

The noise and air pollution generated by modern gasoline engines of hedge trimmers from the ECHO is reduced to a minimum. Design features include a lightweight gearbox, long-service life blades, and shock-absorbing motor mount.

Two Main Indicators for Choosing Gas Hedge Trimmer ECHO

A hedge trimmer is a simple device comprising a compact engine and a cutting part — blades. Based on this, the main principles of choice are engine power and blade length.

Power. If the bush is small and the branches are thin, choose a capacity of up to 500 W. For dense thickets with branches of different sizes, of course, you need a high-quality echo hedge trimmer with a power above 800 W.

Blades length. Blades between 30 and 40 cm should be enough for a smaller hedge, but if you regularly trim larger hedges, look for models with longer blades that reach at least 50 cm.

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In addition to the power and knives, ECHO hedge trimmers should have a comfortable handle that does not strain your fingers and forearms, affecting the work quality and duration.

If your bushes are tall, purchase a hedge trimmer with a telescopic handle. In this case, you will not need a ladder.

Finally, consider teeth spacing — the wider the teeth spacing, the larger the material your hedge trimmer blade can cut.

Look for more ECHO garden equipment in the Bloss Sales & Rental catalog to rent or purchase for sale in Tusla and neighboring communities.