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Pruners ECHO

Everyone’s garden needs care. If you don’t take care of bushes and trees, they will stop bearing fruit, will get sick, and may die. It is necessary to prune old and dried branches annually. ECHO power pruners can be purchased for sale or rented for gardening in our store.

ECHO Pruner Is Designed for Cutting Branches at a Height of Up to 5.5 Meters!

ECHO pruners have a long arm that allows you to cut branches while standing on the ground. Therefore, it is possible to get to the tree top without using other devices (ladders, scaffolding).

This device is similar to an electric saw, which is mounted on a long telescopic tube. The pruner simplifies cutting branches at height, making the work more comfortable and safe.

Based on the arm size, the ECHO pruning saw is perfect for:

  • Trimming tree branches.
  • Forming a hedge.
  • Decorative bush trimming.

Choose ECHO Pruners in Our Catalog

If you need help choosing an ECHO power pruner, our consultants will help you make the right choice. When choosing an instrument, consider the following points:

  • The length of the telescopic tube.
  • Engine power.
  • Tire length.
  • Weight.

Also, it would be great if the chosen ECHO pruning saw had the following characteristics:

  • Keyless chain tension system,
  • Automatic lubrication,
  • Anti-vibration system,
  • Adjustment tilt.

Why Is It Profitable to Purchase ECHO Pruners from Bloss Sales & Rental?

In our catalog, you will find inexpensive and high-quality ECHO tools for sale or rent:

  • We have convenient payment terms.
  • We only have original tools, a guarantee, and a friendly exchange and return policy, no questions asked.

We will help you select and offer high-quality equipment at a low price with the possibility of maintenance.