Equipment Rental Tulsa

Tool Rental in Tulsa, OK since 1966

At Bloss Equipment we believe in providing high quality and well-maintained equipment at very competitive rates. We also believe in making the entire process of renting equipment as quick and easy as possible.

We continually add new equipment to our rental fleet in Tulsa, OK, giving you access to the industry’s newest and best equipment.

Search our rental inventory to find the equipment you need or call us at our Tulsa location at 918-252-5755 and one of our knowledgeable employees will be happy to help you.

The following rental periods are available:

4 Hours • 1 Day • 1 Week • 4 Weeks

A rental day is up to 8 hours of equipment use within a 24 hour period.

A rental week is up to 40 hours of equipment use within a 7 day period.

A rental month is 4 consecutive rental weeks (28 days).

Valid Oklahoma Driver's License and Credit Card required for all equipment rentals.

Ask about our hourly, overnight, and weekend rental rates.

Please call 918-252-5755 for more information on the rental equipment listed below.

Store Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 to 5:00

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Air Compressors4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Diesel Air Compressor 185cfm Rental185 CFM Diesel Air Compressor90.00125.00450.001350.00
Diesel Air Compressor With Breaker Package Rental185 or 210 CFM Diesel Air Compressor w/Breaker Package100.00165.00550.001650.00
Backhoe - Trackhoe - Mini-Excavator4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Trackhoe Mini Excavator 12 RentalTrackhoe Mini-Excavator 7' 7" Deep 12" Bucket 38" Wide160.00240.00840.002475.00
Trackhoe Excavator 16 RentalTrackhoe Mini-Excavator 9' Deep 16" Bucket 61" Wide195.00290.001045.003000.00
Trackhoe Deep Bucket RentalTrackhoe Mini-Excavator 11' Deep 18" or 24" Bucket 69" Wide230.00345.001280.003700.00
Cleaning and Spraying Equipment4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Power Washer 3500psi Rental3500 - 4000 PSI Power Washer45.0085.00240.00900.00
20 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Rental20 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner30.0040.00125.00360.00
Compaction Equipment4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Jumping Jack Compactor RentalJumping Jack Compactor70.00100.00365.001000.00
Plate Compactor RentalPlate Compactor55.0085.00300.00800.00
Concrete and Masonry Equipment4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Hand Held Gas Saw 14 RentalHand Held Saw Gas 14"45.0070.00240.00575.00
Hand Held Electric Saw 14 RentalHand Held Saw Electric 14"45.0070.00240.00575.00
Walk Behind Saw RentalWalk Behind Saw 14"50.0080.00275.00685.00
Power Wheel Barrow Track Buggy RentalPower Wheel Barrow Track Buggy with Pivoting Bucket 16cu/ft100.00160.00550.001650.00
Breakers and Drills4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Electric Chipping Hammer 20lb RentalElectric Chipping Hammer 20lb40.0055.00175.00450.00
Electric Pavement Breaker 60lb RentalElectric Pavement Breaker 60lb55.00105.00315.00900.00
Electric Hammer Drill No Bit RentalElectric Hammer Drill (no bit)15.0030.0090.00270.00
Roto Hammer With Bit RentalRoto Hammer w/ Bit30.0050.00160.00400.00
Drill Core 2incch 3amp NobitDrill Core 2", 3" & 4 1/2" (no bit)50.0080.00280.00750.00
Diamond Bit 2amp 3inch RentalDiamond Bit 2" & 3"25.0025.00105.00250.00
Diamond Bit 4 5inch RentalDiamond Bit 4 1/2"45.0045.00135.00300.00
Hydraulic Hammer Attachment RentalHydraulic Hammer Attachment- 500lb150.00210.00735.002200.00
Skid Steer Loaders4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
S450 Skidsteer RentalBobcat Skid Steer Loader S450 1300lb 60" Wide155.00230.00805.002415.00
S530 Skidsteer RentalBobcat Skid Steer Loader S530 1850lb 68" Wide165.00250.00875.002725.00
Fork Loader Attachement RentalFork Loader Attachment30.0040.00100.00300.00
Fork Loader With Bucket Attachment RentalFork Loader w/ Bucket Attachment50.0060.00110.00350.00
Track Loaders4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
T450 Track Loader RentalBobcat Track Loader T450 1400lb 56" Wide210.00290.001015.003045.00
Svl65 2 Track Loader RentalKubota Track Loader SVL65-2 2100lb 68" Wide235.00335.001295.003885.00
Svl75 2 Track Loader RentalKubota Track Loader SVL75-2 2300lb 68" Wide235.00335.001295.003885.00
Ditch Witch Sk Loader RentalDitch Witch Track Loader SK750 or SK800 800lb 44" Wide165.00245.00860.002580.00
Ditch Witch Sk1050 Loader RentalDitch Witch Track Loader SK1050 1050lb 44" Wide185.00265.00925.002775.00
Skid Steer and Track Loader Attachments4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
72inch Grapple Attachment Rental72" Grapple Attachment90.00115.00395.001185.00
Loader Sweeper Attachment RentalPick-up Broom Sweeper Attachment 72"90.00140.00490.001470.00
Auger Loader RentalAuger Loader 8", 12", 18", 24" & 30"90.00120.00400.00840.00
Loader Brushhog RentalLoader Brush Hog / Brush Cutter 60"100.00175.00600.001800.00
Loader Soil Conditioner RentalLoader Soil Conditioner / Harley Rake 72"100.00175.00600.001800.00
Fork Loader Attachment RentalFork Loader Attachment30.0040.00100.00300.00
Fork Loader With Bucket AttachmentFork Loader w/ Bucket Attachment50.0060.00110.00350.00
Hydraulic Hammer AttachmentHydraulic Hammer Attachment- 500lb150.00190.00665.002000.00
Mini Skid Steer Stand-on Loader Attachments4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Mini Loader Grapple RentalMini Loader Grapple 36" Wide75.00100.00350.001000.00
Ditch Witch Loader Auger RentalAuger Loader 8", 12"90.00120.00400.00840.00
Mini Loader Brushhog RentalLoader Brush Hog / Brush Cutter 44"85.00145.00515.001545.00
Mini Loader Soil Conditioner RentalLoader Soil Conditioner / Harley Rake 48"85.00145.00515.001545.00
Mini Loader Leveler RentalCarry-All Leveler Attachment30.0040.00100.00300.00
Fork Loader Attachment RentFork Loader Attachment30.0040.00100.00300.00
Tractors4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Kubota Tracktor Box Blade Loader 48inch RentalKubota Tractor Box Blade Loader 48" Wide105.00190.00665.001995.00
Kubota Tracktor With Box Blade And Loader RentalKubota Tractor with Box Blade and Loader 72" Wide145.00220.00770.002300.00
Generators4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
2900watt 20 Amp Generator Rental2900 Watt 20 Amp Generator40.0050.00165.00495.00
4300watt 30amp Generator Rental4300 Watt 30 Amp Generator45.0060.00185.00540.00
7000watt 45amp Generator Rental7000 Watt 45 Amp Generator50.0075.00220.00675.00
Heaters4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
70000btu Diesel Kerosene Heater Rental70,000 BTU Diesel/Kerosene30.0030.0090.00200.00
15000btu Diesel Kerosene Heater Rental150,000 BTU Diesel/Kerosene35.0035.00110.00250.00
Lawn Care Equipment4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
18inch Gas Aerator Rental18" Gas Lawn Aerator50.0090.00450.001400.00
30inch Riding Aerator Rental30" Riding Lawn Aerator90.00175.00850.002550.00
20inch Hydraulic Slit Seeder Rental20" Hydraulic Slit Seeder80.00150.00500.001500.00
Back Pack Blower RentalBack Pack Blower40.0050.00150.00450.00
Leaf Blower RentalLeaf Blower40.0070.00225.00500.00
5foot Gas Extended Hedge Trimmer5' Gas Extended Hedge Trimmer40.0080.00220.00450.00
11foot Pruner Chainsaw11' Pruner Chain Saw Gas Powered40.0080.00240.00480.00
Power Rake RentalPower Rake35.0060.00200.00450.00
Hand Lawn Roller RentalLawn Roller - Hand15.0020.0050.00100.00
Gas Lawn Roller RentalLawn Roller 1000# Gas 30" Wide60.00110.00600.001000.00
Rototiller Front Tine RentalRotoTiller - Front Tine30.0060.00195.00400.00
Rototiller Rear Tine RentalRotoTiller - Rear Tine 5-8hp40.0080.00240.00600.00
12inch Sod Cutter Rental12" Sod Cutter55.00100.00295.00750.00
8inch Sod Cutter Rental18" Sod Cutter65.00120.00350.00850.00
String Trimmer RentalString Trimmer30.0060.00195.00300.00
Wheel String Trimmer RentalWheel String Trimmer40.0080.00250.00500.00
Billjax Log Splitter RentalLog Splitter60.0090.00240.00600.00
Log Splitter RentalLog Splitter60.0090.00240.00600.00
Toro Grandstand Mower Rental36" GrandStand Lawnmower Zero-turn100.00150.00600.001800.00
60inch Riding Lawn Mower Zero Turn Rental60" Riding Lawnmower Zero-turn110.00160.00650.002250.00
100foot Extension Cord100' Extension Cord8.008.0020.0050.00
T-Post Driver4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Post Driver RentalGas Powered T-Post Driver50.0085.00250.00650.00
Wood Chippers4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Large Wood Chipper RentalChipper 31hp Gas 6"150.00250.00875.002600.00
Scissor Lifts4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Scissor Lift 550lb Capacity RentalScissor Lift 19' 500lb capacity85.00120.00325.00700.00
Scissor Lift 800lb Capacity RentalScissor Lift 20' 800lb capacity85.00120.00360.00700.00
Scissor Lift 500lb Capacity RentalScissor Lift 26' 500lb capacity95.00135.00395.00850.00
Genie Gs3232 Scissor Left RentalScissor Lift 32' 500lb capacity125.00195.00495.00975.00
Boom Lifts4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Driveable Single Man Lift RentalDrivable 20' Single Man Lift 250lb capacity Genie GR-2085.00120.00350.00700.00
Drivable 51foot Man Lift 500lb Capacity RentalDrivable 51' Man lift 500lb capacity 4WD 205.00305.001,075.003,200.00
Towable 42foot Man LiftTowable 42' Man lift 440lb capacity170.00245.00830.002400.00
Towable 61foot Man Lift RentalTowable 61' Man lift 475lb capacity195.00295.00995.002850.00
Drivable 40foot Man Lift RentalDrivable 40' Man lift 500lb capacity200.00280.001000.003000.00
Material Lifts4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Material Lift 650lb Capacity18' Material Lift 650lb capacity Genie SLC-1850.0075.00225.00500.00
Augers and Post Hole Diggers4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
1 Man Auger Rental1-Man Auger40.0070.00190.00525.00
Towable Hydraulic Auger RentalTowable Hydraulic Auger50.00100.00300.00750.00
Auther Loader RentalAuger Loader 8", 12", 24" & 30"90.00120.00400.00840.00
Stump Grinders4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Stump Grinder Rental20hp 16" Stump Grinder105.00180.00750.002250.00
35hp Hydraulic Stump Grinder35hp Hydraulic Stump Grinder175.00275.001,000.003500.00
Pumps4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
1860gph Gas Garden Hose Rental1,860 Gph Gas Garden Hose25.0035.00100.00100.00
8000gph Gas Water Pump8,000 Gph Gas Water Pump 2"40.0055.00195.00475.00
1000gph Electric Submersible Pump Rental1,000 Gph Electric Submersible15.0025.0050.00100.00
20000gph Water Trash Pump Rental20,000 Gph Water-Trash Pump 3"50.0080.00260.00600.00
3000gph Electric Submersible Pump Rental3,000 Gph Electric Submersible 2"30.0045.00120.00250.00
Saws4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
14inch Cutoff Saw Gas Powered Rental14" Cutoff Gas Powered45.0070.00240.00575.00
Walk Behind Saw 14inch RentalWalk Behind Saw 14"50.0080.00275.00685.00
Ceramic Tile Cutter 14inch RentalCeramic Tile 18" Electric45.0045.00250.00600.00
Trenchers4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Trencher 26inch RentalTrencher 2"x8"45.0090.00260.00800.00
Trencher Walk Behind Track RentalTrencher Walk Behind Track 4"x30"140.00195.00665.002200.00
Barreto Track Trencher RentalTrencher Walk Behind Track 5.5"x48"150.00200.00715.002350.00
Trencher Rider RentalTrencher/Rider 5.5"x40" 64"250.00325.001155.003465.00
Welders4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
160amp Portable Welder Rental160 Amp Portable Welder35.0050.00175.00500.00
225amp Gas Welder With Trailer Rental225 Amp Gas Welder w/ Trailer50.0090.00250.00650.00
Trailers4 Hour1 DayWeeklyMonthly
Hydraulic Dump Trailer 7500lb RentalHydraulic Dump Trailer 7'x 14' 24" Sides 7,500lb Capacity110.00165.00550.001500.00
Trailer With Equipment RentalTrailer with Equipment40.0040.00120.00480.00