Tool Rental in Tulsa, OK since 1966

At Bloss Sales & Rental we believe in providing high quality and well-maintained equipment at very competitive rates. We also believe in making the entire process of renting equipment as quick and easy as possible.

We continually add new equipment to our rental fleet in Tulsa, OK, giving you access to the industry’s newest and best equipment.

Search our rental inventory to find the equipment you need or call us at our Tulsa location at 918-252-5755 and one of our knowledgeable employees will be happy to help you.

The following rental periods are available:

4 Hours • 1 Day • 1 Week • 4 Weeks

A rental day is up to 8 hours of equipment use within a 24 hour period.
A rental week is up to 40 hours of equipment use within a 7 day period.
A rental month is 4 consecutive rental weeks (28 days).

Valid Oklahoma Driver’s License and Credit Card required for all equipment rentals.

Ask about our hourly, overnight, and weekend rental rates.

Store Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 to 5:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to rent tools or equipment from BLOSS?

- Valid Oklahoma driver’s license and credit/debit card in your name. We preauthorize the amount for 1 st time renters only. After that, you pay when you return the rented item.

How do weekend rentals work?

- We charge 1 day for rentals (8 working hours on the machines) if you pick up tools or equipment on Friday after 3:00 PM and return them on Monday by 8:00 AM.

Is a deposit required?

- No, BLOSS Equipment Rental & Sales does not require a deposit to rent tools or equipment. Call us to reserve equipment no more than a week before you need it.

What if I need to keep equipment longer than I expect?

- Please let us know. We often have equipment reserved for others based upon when you said you would bring it back.

Do you deliver?

- Yes, we deliver within a 30-mile radius and charge $125 each way.

Do I need to refuel the equipment after using it?

- You may refuel the equipment on your own, or we can do it for $6.99 per gallon for diesel and gasoline. The fuel tank will be full when you receive it.

How far can I move equipment from BLOSS?

- You may use rented equipment within a 50-mile radius from our location in Tulsa.