Best Aerators in Tulsa


Still don’t know what kind of aerator to choose for your project? Ask BLOSS Sales & Rental! Either a walk-behind or ride-on aerator will do the job, but they differ in terms of size, capacity, and operation. Here are the main differences between the two: Size and Capacity: Walk-Behind Aerator: Walk-behind aerators are typically smaller and more compact compared to ride-on aerators. They are designed to be pushed manually by the operator. They have a smaller aerating width and capacity, usually ranging from 12 to 30 inches, and are suitable for smaller lawns or areas with limited space. Ride-On Aerator: Ride-on aerators are larger machines that are operated by sitting on or riding on the equipment. They have a wider aerating width and higher capacity, often ranging from 36 to 72 inches. Ride-on aerators are ideal for larger lawns, golf courses, sports fields, or commercial applications. Operation: Walk-Behind Aerator: Walk-behind aerators require manual operation by the operator. The operator pushes the equipment forward, allowing the tines or spikes to penetrate the soil and create holes for aeration. These machines require physical effort from the operator to move and control the aerator. Ride-On Aerator: Ride-on aerators are operated by sitting on the machine and using controls to maneuver it. They are typically powered by an engine, making them self-propelled. The operator can easily control the speed and direction of the aerator, which reduces physical strain and increases efficiency, especially for larger areas. Efficiency and Productivity: Walk-Behind Aerator: Walk-behind aerators are suitable for smaller areas and can be more time-consuming to use compared to ride-on aerators. However, they offer more maneuverability in tight spaces or areas with obstacles. Ride-On Aerator: Ride-on aerators are more efficient and productive for larger areas due to their wider aerating width and self-propelled operation. They can cover more ground quickly and are especially beneficial for commercial or professional applications where time is crucial. In summary, the main differences between walk-behind aerators and ride-on aerators lie in their size, capacity, operation, and suitability for different lawn sizes. Walk-behind aerators are smaller, manually operated, and suitable for smaller areas, while ride-on aerators are larger, self-propelled, and ideal for larger lawns or commercial applications. At BLOSS Sales & Rental we have both kinds of aerators. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that you will get the best customer service and high quality, well serviced equipment. Call us today and reserve an aerator for your project! Don’t forget to ask about delivery!

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